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  1. I am sorry for not posting the pics and really appreciate the help. On your last post @rgardner you reminded me that the settings for a pony wall can be selected in plan display to show lower wall, upper wall, etc. Selecting a different choice did it for me. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you guys---great suggestions. I just figured out that the bottom of the window height cannot be within a certain distance of the wall cap height within this pony wall. Really weird that is disappears at certain heights. I can't get it to work at the exact height I want but will make do.
  3. In the same room, I have multiple other windows that display fine in plan view. But one window is not appearing. It displays fine in 3D and I can click on it in plan view but it does not show up correctly. Any ideas?
  4. That's a great suggestion Kbird1. I will give it a shot. I had them 'hidden' up in the attic and it does slow things down.
  5. Solver, yes! I am so thankful for your help. The newer cabinet schedule had the incorrect numbers and the original schedule is correct. Thanks again so much---I will just stick with the one schedule.
  6. Happy 4th! Go America! Please help as I am going crazy over the cabinet numbering in my plan. The Cabinet Schedule appears to list the cabinet numbers properly, but the plan view is incorrect and does not match the schedule. I have tried renumbering the Schedule and adjusting settings in the Schedule as well as the cabinet Label module. If I choose within the Schedule to display labels, it does indeed show them in the plan correctly, but it also shows the incorrect labels too. Here is the view (attached as 1.png) if within the Schedule it is set for Callo
  7. Thank you! Wall Top Heights, and then Balloon Through Ceiling Above on the Walls worked. Thanks again.
  8. Does anyone know how I can rebuild walls after changing the roof pitch? A picture is attached of the problem. The roof planes are all manual (not auto). Rebuild walls F12 does not do anything. I am really hoping to not have to redraw all the roofs and walls. Thank you!
  9. Agree with you guys on the "real world" comments! Mine is not as challenging as typical crown because it is just a simple/rectangle 1x2. I will investigate the 3D molding polylines. Thank you all.
  10. I have searched the forums but only see very dated posts on this topic. Is there an easy way to make crown molding follow the angle / slope of a non-flat ceiling? I have attached a picture and placed red arrows where the crown would be applied.
  11. Very cool, thank you Alaskan_Son! I appreciate you taking the time to help.
  12. Thank you all. I had searched Doors but not Windows and was also hoping it could be controlled across different plan views. Adding the Schedule Number macro to the Label seems to be the best option for now. Thanks for helping!
  13. Hello all. I am struggling with labels on Doors. In standard plan view, I want to display the old-fashioned door labels (e.g. 3068, 2068, etc.). This worked fine UNTIL I created a Door Schedule. On my Door & Window plan view, it is nice to show the Callouts for Doors as they relate to the Schedules. However back in my standard plan view, I now cannot show the old-fashioned door labels. It's either the Callouts or nothing. Does my question make sense or too confusing?!
  14. These are really good suggestions. I am going to experiment. I appreciate you taking the time to help.