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  1. I know, it will be slow and painful to render but not much choice in this instance as they are so specific to the project- finger crossed!!
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone would be able to convert some 3D symbols I have into something I can import into chief. I need some specific symbols for a design I am doing and an unable to figure out how to convert them (including their textures) into one of the formats chief will allow to be imported as a symbol. I have tried pulling the obj and fbx files into sketchup but they are missing the textures and these are quite complicated collections, too many textures to add back in one at at time. I only have a basic knowledge of sketchup and have a mac computer which doesn't support 3ds max (the only program i have come across to do this). Any help would be greatly appreciated. They are big files so i can zip and email them if someone is willing to help. Thanks, Emily
  3. Hey Gene, I'm not sure if this worked 100% because I'm using my old laptop which cant view in 3d since the update but here is the file imported into CA and then saved as a .calibz. Hope this helps. pool table.calibz
  4. I cant say for certain but I would assume if you export your user library and then import into another computer the links should hold....
  5. Joe, I hadn't thought of linking items thats a great idea.
  6. Keeping an eye on this as well - it would be great to be able to catagorise it all (all chairs together, all tiles, all faucets etc) without having to have copies of everything in the user catalog. Maybe this is something that can be implemented for the next update.