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I have been using X12 since it came out and for some reason, I am forever struggling with achieving some of those beautiful renderings I've seen others post.  I have looked through this forum for clues, and while I have found some great pointers, I still come up with lousy renderings.  I have notes from threads I have gotten here about settings, and making sure you have a slab and roof, etc...but still I find myself struggling with this.  My biggest frustration is with lighting.  How does reduce the sunlight that comes in through the windows?  Then its the light that you see come through the mirror, sofa, ceiling.  This rendering was done in about 30 passes+ which I've read shouldn't take this long to produce if your width and height is adjusted to read 800(?) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you~


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5 hours ago, 3919395k said:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Do yourself a favour and seek out some coaching from guys on this forum. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn in just a one hour session, especially if you’re focussing on something like rendering tips. 

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