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I recently saw a very impressive but very involved way of creating an arched top cabinet.  (see fun challenge #4)   It involved many steps and a lot of parts. I often solve things with this same idea of poly line solids to create something. I was a really nice looking finished product. Nice job Rene. I made this to show a really fast way of creating this if your client might want to keep adjusting the size of it and you want to do it fast. This only takes a few minutes.


Build window on an exterior wall so you can control inside and outside casings. I added the thicker exterior wall after I built it but you can always made it a symbol and use it on another plan. Changing the size is a simple matter of adjusting 4 controllable things. 1. adjust window to new cabinet size. 2. adjust width of base cabinet to new size. 3. adjust width of wall cabinet. 4. adjust width of one poly line solid.

Adjusting this would take less time than it took my to type this explanation.


Advantages - lightening fast, looks like a tolerable representation of the real thing.


Disadvantages - less detail, could never be used as a shop drawing, can not be shown with the doors open (because it is really a window).

arched cab.jpg

arched cab 2.jpg

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I didn't spend any time explaining some of the details of this cabinet so I can add them here as an FYI. Also, thank you.

  • My cabinet can be resized, it will simply resize unlocked components just like any cabinet.
  • My cabinet can be turned into a style pallet.
  • You can apply any doors you want to my cabinet, so you can make different arched doors quickly using the method I showed in the first couple of minutes of the video and apply it.
  • You can apply different drawers.
  • Half of the video was creating the drawers. Once they are complete, no need to recreate them. If you need new custom arched cabinet box and panels, should take about 3 minutes when coupled with the style pallet created from the original cabinet. See vid.

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