Oval Mirrors including Tilting Mount


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I made these for a Thread in Q+A , so thought I'd post all the pieces as a Library for Others here,

I made it with the Brizo Tilting Mirror Arms (only and included) and an Oval Mirror from one of

Chief's Bonus Libraries to try an match this image supplied by the Client.....

                                                                                                                                             LIBRARY ITEMS

image.thumb.png.6e21da0be38ccef8455bf01a3e5936a7.png                                   image.thumb.png.fc3ff68a3de451751d48b42cd5b268a5.png   


*** Made with X13 ..... lower versions won't be able to Open the library.


                    File : MHD_Tilting and Oval Framed Mirrors.calibz


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