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I am looking for some clear guidance on constructing a 1 hour fire rated room in my basement. I am installing a solar array and battery storage system. The battery storage system says it should be installed in an area that has a 1 hour fire rating. I plan to build a simple 4' x 4' room in my basement to contain the unit. I am capable to frame out and install drywall, but I am sure there are a few specific details around meeting the 1 hour fire rating that I need to research in advance.


My current plan is to use PT lumber for any boards touching the concrete floor or block wall. 5/8" X rated drywall for all the walls (inside and outside the room). I plan to use 2x4s to fur out the ceiling of the room so the drywall isn't in direct contact with the floor joist above. A single 32 or 36" fire rated door will be installed opposite the battery cabinet.


Any good resources that don't get too technical (from a legal-ese wording) that anyone could point me to? I would like to take a good swing at building it correctly before the inspector comes out. 

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Lots info on the internet, look at the UL site.

The ceiling may need more attention, i.e. steel channels.

The door is usually 45 min rated.

Any penetrations in walls & ceilings will need fire rated treatments (fire caulk or dampers for ventilation ducts)

The batteries often give off a combustible gas so ventilation will be needed.

Consider a suppression system, maybe Halon along with your smoke & co2 & heat sensors.

Be cautious with a bomb in the basement.

BTW the gas given off by batteries is flammable.

You many be using sealed lead acid but someone may replace them in the future.


Good luck..





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Their are very specific building codes regarding energy systems in R-3 structures.

Im in NYS but my codes are very similar to ICC:


Firecode Section 12 - Energy Systems is a good place to start


I strongly encourage the battery storage install be moved outside the house to a detached shed whenever possible.

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