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  1. Seems like you made a layer change, either turned something on or off, but as soon as you make a change in any layer set a SPV references it will change to active defaults. Goto project browser, left click your elevation view and click edit view to return it to the correct layer reference set
  2. It was my understanding that it was to be a metal building in which case the exterior "skin" hangs from girts supported by the columns which have their own pier foundation, in that case there is no exterior load bearing "wall" as all the load transfers to the columns. Considering a minimum compressive strength of 2500 lbs/sqft a 4" concrete floor laid on a properly prepared compacted gravel base would far exceed the code minimums for floors which is less than 100 lbs/sqft in a worst case scenario. However increasing the slab thickness with an integral footer or "haunch" at interior walls, especially if they will be more than one story in height, would be recommended. And because the perimeter walls would not be carrying any roof load they would technically be interior walls as well. The 5" slab at garage locations would only be recommended for cases where commercial grade trucks, equipment or large RV's would be parked in the space. When I have built fire halls the pumper trucks weigh a ridiculous amount with full water tanks and we only use 6" slabs in those cases. Please in the future fully read and comprehend the issues before downgrading someones posts.
  3. Their are very specific building codes regarding energy systems in R-3 structures. Im in NYS but my codes are very similar to ICC: Firecode Section 12 - Energy Systems is a good place to start I strongly encourage the battery storage install be moved outside the house to a detached shed whenever possible.
  4. If it is a pole barn structure, the building will be supported by columns which will have their own pier support, the interior concrete slab is structurally independent of the building load so barring any high point loads on the slab from machinery or interior structure ( ie: car lifts, mezzanine columns etc.) a 4" slab would be sufficient although it would have to haunched at the exterior walls and possibly at interior wall locations as well if first floor ceiling will be a load bearing surface (2nd floor, storage attic etc.) However there are multiple variations of metal buildings so there is a lot of unanswered questions here. Not to mention your use of the term Barndominium seems like a play on condominium which would entail a multi-family residence and specific requirements for fire separation between units among other things. Be aware that fire-stopping becomes a very intricate issue in the situation you describe. The eave height is dependent on the desired interior height, the length of the overhang and the slope of the roof which all work together to determine the final T.O.P. height.
  5. Joe whats the best way to reach you, I wanted to ask you about the macros you have for sale. I sent you a message through the Chief Board too.