How to do this shaped upper wall?


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An upper wall between two spaces needs to be shaped so as to ride atop a carry beam, part of a timberframe bent.  See the image.


Here is the file.


I screwed up the model somehow.  Unable to get the shaped wall with a visible wall, I did it as an invisible one, and put a p'solid in the space where needed.  I would like to be able to do it with a visible wall.


I drew a line around the area where I need some how-to advice.

2021-06-20 20_54_39-Untitled 40.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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If I am following you correctly...

Is this what you mean?



If so, you need to uncheck Invisible and No Room Definition for the selected wall - or pull the main wall through to replace the short piece of wall.

And then for the room on level 2 above the lounge room, make it Open Below.

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Thanks, but no, that wall has to be "cut" by the ceiling plane in the kitchen-dining room, so that the result looks like my image.


And it also needs a cut on its exterior side because above the roof, it gets siding, and below the roof, gets no siding.

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