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I am experiencing frequent crashing on my X13 went make adjustments to the material selection. Sometimes changing the material happens ok and other time (frequently) the programme crashes. I am using Microsoft surface book 3, with the new required video card (image.png.28b6ae05855b4cf7dfec951677745527.png). I have made the report and check the fault via the Chief website which didn't help.  


No doubt this is me, but any help would be appreciated.


Rob White


Loving all the upgrades!

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A possibility is video card driver.

Switching to standard while changing textures speeds things up a bit so will help, I think you have the Quadro 3000? has a little less kick than the 2070 in my laptop and I do that there (even sometimes on the Dtop). I have hotkeys to switch back and forth if I have a lot to do.

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I have the RTX video card which is meant to be the correct one for the X13. I returned my laptop which only had the Quadro video card, knowing the X13 would require the RTXC upgrade. The attached screen shot displays a bit of odd pixel blemishes in the menu window and the  error message states 'An internal rendering error has occurred and program will terminate.'..and it does. When I do this particular room change the error occurs every time, but on other rooms and views it occurs randomly


I have tried with the laptop only and with the Docking station. Their is no different. The docking station is via a USB-C cable, which just mean the full capacity of the laptop video card is used. (Other, or older USB type docking stations are limited to the video card to the docking station. 


I am not that technically minded...but it will probably be difficult to get the right tech support from a computer professional unfamiliar with Chief.


Any thoughts?

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5 hours ago, RobWhite said:

I have the RTX video card which is meant to be the correct one for the X13. I returned my laptop which only had the Quadro video card,

That should be an RTX Quadro card.

DID you check the driver? this is the latest for that card (assuming it is the RTX Quadro 3000?


Make sure Chief is using that card and not the integrated GPU, first in windows


then in Nvidia control panel


IF none of that works contact Chief support.

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Reckon I will call this post resolved. Thanks for your info MarkMc. I got the updated driver last night, but to no avail. I could see the quadro driver listed, but greyed would turn on or be recognised the NVIDIA driver.


Somehow, this morning, the RTX Quadro 3000 kicked in...with no help from Microsoft surface support, 1/2+ calls dropping out, transferred support calls from dept to dept etc. (at least it was only 1/2 hr...ish).


Sometime I think these computers are living being...a good overnight sleep/rest...and they sort themselves out. Sometimes I wish they were alive enough to feel some pain! (Nothing to do with the operator of course!)


Now I can catch up on my lovely patient clients.

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