Light lines and light fill inconsistency - light lines do not always transfer correctly tot he view detail

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I often have a programme inconsistency which does not transfer selected light shaded lines, such as light grey, to a camera section detail. See my attached screenshot. I have set the fill (timber grain) to a light grey, but the view retains only black lines. I only know 2 ways to overcome this is

  1. open a new new plan file, but that is not an option when I have already produce a lot work and details; or
  2. converting the view to a 'CAD detail from view', but that is not helpful. Obviously when converted to a cad detail I lose all the auto 3D updates.


This seems to occur when I have a lot of details on a large jobs. Although particular job is not large. Sometime, time or the age of the file, seems effect this fault. This job is now about 8 weeks old, which is my normal process of moving from preliminary design to working drawings.


When transferring the camera view detail to a layout page the black lines are retained, not the light grey. The view does not correct itself if the 'send to layout' is live or plot lines.  It seems the programme does not register my light grey selection.


This seems to be programme fault not my settings. I use the same template, but this problem only occurs sometimes. 


Anyone familiar with the issue. Any helps or suggestions to overcome it.



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