What's up with my otherwise OK material list?

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My thermal envelope ceiling areas are huge, and I cannot figure why.  Look at the header line for ceiling area in a house with 2200 sf main, and less that than in the lower level walkout basement at floor 0.


I opened up the line to see the detail, and show in the screencap what it has.  A number of those lines turn up nothing when I do the plan search thing.  What you see is line after line of detail with 700 sf plus values, for spaces, if they are in the plan, with number like 130 sf.


I have generated a couple dozen material lists for this plan as I have refined the model to have it give me true counts for framing and trim and other things, but have saved none of them.

2021-05-22 17_22_37-Chief Architect Premier X12.png

2021-05-22 17_34_49-Chief Architect Premier X12.png

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Didn't dig too deep, but looks like a bug to me and appears as if though its being triggered by your Trey Ceiling and its related ceiling planes. 

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