Weird Chief behavior or Graphics Card Bug?

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Recently experienced some unusual things with Chief Architect Premier X11. 


I've found that at times my snaps will turn themselves off. Seems to be random. I know that hotkeys could be the culprit but I don't think that is actually what's happening. 


I've also had times where my copy and paste (ctrl-v, ctrl-c) wont work properly. Basically nothing happens when I execute the command (or sometimes a chief warning message pops up saying that nothing was actually copied.) 


The delete key will also not work at times - I will select an object and hit delete and nothing happens - then I hit delete again and again and again. Finally after multiple times - the object will delete. 


Recently its been the angle snap toggle flickering on and off like a strobe light. Which makes it impossible to draw straight lines (or walls).


DropBox link to video of this attached: snap toggle flickering.MOV?dl=0


Anybody else experience anything like what I'm describing? 


I'm thinking it is more of a computer problem than a chief architect problem because sketchup sometimes will not recognize the ctrl key and then magically will after 10 seconds or so. I've also noticed at times there will be a significant lag when typing (usually in an email in outlook). Im wondering if it could be a wireless keyboard issue?  


Figured Id post for help here considering it seems to act up mostly when working in Chief. 


Any ideas?




Dell Precision 5530

core i7 

16gb ram 

intel UHD Graphics 630 & Invidia quadro P1000

dual monitors via Dell docking station




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Quite possibly a wireless issue...   Check the batteries and the location of the USB receiver.   If you want to know for sure plug in a wired keyboard for a few days.


Let us know how it goes.

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