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  1. I tried that but it didn't work for me. I think you are right about it being an adobe thing though. When i open the PDF in Chrome, the lines are gone.
  2. Thanks for confirming that. I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Seems so easy for CA to clean up simple graphical bugs like this.
  3. I should clarify: The gray area is a cad object filled solid with 80% transparency. It looks great in Chief but when i print to PDF, I get those lines.
  4. Hi - When i put a gray cad object over a portion of a plan, i end up with these distracting lines when I go to print. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, X14 Windows RTX 3080
  5. thank you - yes i did add it manually. I will try adding from the wall dialog.
  6. Hello, Anybody know a way to avoid having these extra lines in the fascia of a roof return? Thanks X12 Dell Laptop Windows 11 Pro I7 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
  7. thanks - its weird that it didn't save the plan file but it did save the layout. I have auto backups set to 10 minute intervals. Ill definitely check into an external backup option like you mentioned. It is the worst feeling losing work but I find it usually takes 1/2 the time to redo it as it did the first time. thanks Ben
  8. I Just had a crash on X12. Lost about 4 hours of tedious cad work. Went into the archive and there is an archived file that saved recently for my layout but not my plan file. Any other ways to retrieve a plan file? Dell Alienware X15 Laptop Windows 11
  9. Hello - This has probably been asked and solved but I cant find it in the forum. All my layers are set to print in black but I want to be able to have one layer that prints red that would really stand out on an otherwise black and white document. How do I set one layer to print in color? X12 Windows 11 - Alienware laptop - lots of ram, graphics etc...
  10. I just went in and changed the texture in the wall editor and it fixed it! Thanks Robdyck
  11. Hi Rob, the floors align. I did paint the brick material (white painted brick). My default brick wall was a red brick.
  12. Anybody know a way to get rid of these unneeded lines that seem to always show on my building corners? I'm in X12 on windows.
  13. Recently experienced some unusual things with Chief Architect Premier X11. I've found that at times my snaps will turn themselves off. Seems to be random. I know that hotkeys could be the culprit but I don't think that is actually what's happening. I've also had times where my copy and paste (ctrl-v, ctrl-c) wont work properly. Basically nothing happens when I execute the command (or sometimes a chief warning message pops up saying that nothing was actually copied.) The delete key will also not work at times - I will select an object and hit delete and nothing happens - then I hit delete again and again and again. Finally after multiple times - the object will delete. Recently its been the angle snap toggle flickering on and off like a strobe light. Which makes it impossible to draw straight lines (or walls). DropBox link to video of this attached: snap toggle flickering.MOV?dl=0 Anybody else experience anything like what I'm describing? I'm thinking it is more of a computer problem than a chief architect problem because sketchup sometimes will not recognize the ctrl key and then magically will after 10 seconds or so. I've also noticed at times there will be a significant lag when typing (usually in an email in outlook). Im wondering if it could be a wireless keyboard issue? Figured Id post for help here considering it seems to act up mostly when working in Chief. Any ideas? Thanks! Dell Precision 5530 core i7 16gb ram intel UHD Graphics 630 & Invidia quadro P1000 dual monitors via Dell docking station
  14. actually nothing - i can move them closer to the foundation and accomplish what im looking to do. The only problem though is that my handrails revert to "not follow stairs" even though i have that option checked.
  15. Thanks - that worked for the stringer.
  16. I have 2 minor issues when drawing stairs: 1. There always seems to be a stringer line that i have to use the linework tool in the layout to remove - even if i dont have a stringer. Not a big deal - just very annoying when you end up having to do it over and over again in multiple elevations with every refresh of the viewport. 2. There is always a gap between the back of the staircase and the front of a porch foundation. You cant move the stairs any closer to the foundation in plan. Does anybody have any easy ways to correct these 2 issues? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I was told at a Chief training class a few years ago that you could open a 2nd instance of the program by hitting (CTRL+SHIFT) on windows machines. I believe the instructor said this was sort of a work around and "not officially supported by CA." The idea was that you could then have 2 layouts open at once in case you needed to copy notes, annotations, views etc... between layouts. I think i had that working at one point back on X7 but it doesn't seem to work for me now on X8. Any ideas on how to get 2 layouts open at once? (By the way - I know X8 is old and we need to upgrade) Thanks
  18. thanks dshall. I finally figured it out. There was a small low slope roof intersecting the one i was having trouble with. I simply pulled that one back and re joined it and everything fixed itself.
  19. SEE ATTACHED: Why does this happen to my simple gable roof and how do i fix it? Thanks