3D 12 x 24 Wall Tile


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Is it possible to create a 3D tile like I've got attached in Substance Player?  If not, does anyone know where I could find a seamless tile texture showing lite / white grout lines?

3D Tile.png

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28 minutes ago, RobUSMC said:

Thanks.  Im needed something a bit more 3D

Maybe this would be a good starting point. You can always try copying a 24x12 tile normal map for grout joints.


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"3D Wall White Matte Ribbon" should work well for you. It uses a normal map which gives it the 3D look you're after. You can find it here:

  • Cactus Stone
    • Tile
      • Ceramic
        • 3D Wall
          • 3D Wall White Matte Ribbon

I hope this material provides a good solution for your needs.



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