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I am new to chief, and I can't seem to find an automatic way to get same dimension on multiple windows in a wall.  If I have 3 windows, can I get the same space between the windows without manually setting the dimensions and having to divide the measurements to get the spaces equal?

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Please check your messages.




18 minutes ago, dougbbuilders said:

can I get the same space between the windows 



Are you asking about the spaces between windows, or distributing the windows evenly along a wall where spacing wall to window and window to window is the same.


Are you looking at spacing from the interior or exterior?


Do your windows have casing and do you want to consider it in your spacing?

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I typically want them to space evenly from the exterior.  Trim is not really a factor as I would just like to space the multiple windows in a specific wall without having to go through each space add the extra space and divide into equal portions 

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If you select two or more items that qualify to use that tool it shows up on your active toolbar and the tool bar symbol is actually the one I circled in the menu.

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1 hour ago, dougbbuilders said:

2021-03-29.thumb.png.2051beddf192e2665e25636f27daac27.pngFor Instance, how can I separate these 3 windows and the space in the wall to be equal distance from each other?


There are actually several ways to do this.  Chopsaw mentioned one of them.  The best method depends on exactly what you're doing and which objects(s) you're wanting to reference.  There can be much quicker methods depending on exactly what you're doing, but here's one that will work for multiple scenarios...


1.  Draw a line that starts and stops on span you're trying to reference.  You may want to use the interior to interior of your walls or you may want to reference framing on the exterior or you may want to reference siding on the exterior.  I'm going to be referencing siding in this example though...




2.  Group select the windows, click on the Align/Distribute Along Line tool and then select the reference line...




3.  In the Align To Line Dialog, select Space Evenly and Distribute Between Endpoints...




4.  Click okay and then delete your temporary line...




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