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I'm putting this here because I have a certain amount of anonymity and I'm a bit embarrassed to be asking this question especially since I've been a CA user for several years and do some fairly complicated designs.


I need to set up my plan template defaults so that when I'm in my, say, electrical layer and go to add text or dimensions, it will automatically use 'text, electrical' or 'dimensions, electrical' instead of me using manual dimensions or rich text and having to select and change everything to 'text/dimensions electrical' so it only shows on the appropriate layer.  Ditto when I am in my framing set, etc etc.- you get the drift. Am I explaining myself correctly?


I know this must be possible but I am not finding where there might be a tutorial on how to adjust my settings/defaults to make this happen. It would be a huge time saver and honestly I don't understand why it would not work this way 'out of the box'. Or am I so incredibly stupid that I am missing something right in front of my face? I feel like this is a basic thing that I've been able to successfully work around but I'd like to work better/faster/smarter.


Please point me in the right direction folks? TIA.


ETA - it has been requested that I identify what version I am using. I am using X12 Premier.

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