Changing symbol 2D block not working

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I managed to change the look of the window symbol in plan view put it is now inserting the window offset from the wall in 3D.
Just took a simple window, converted to symbol and assigned none to 2D block. (also tried with other Cad block with same results)

See included images. Have inserted both type of windows, the one not in the wall is the new symbol.

Chief Architect x12

Please help.


CA Plan Symbol 1.png

CA Plan Symbol Dialog.png

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Not to dissuade you from pursuing a custom 2D block, but just in case you don't understand... Eric is trying to show you that you can get the look you want in your custom symbol by simply by turning off the window layers for Interior Casings and Exterior Casings...and may as well turn off Opening Header Lines as well.

Sorry...I can't offer you a solution on the use of a custom 2D block with regard to 3D window placement, but I've played with creating new windows in the past and it is very fidgety to get things right. You can do it, but it takes a chunk of time messing around with various settings.  Have a look at videos about custom windows on Alaskan Son's youtube channel

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I only have a moment before I have to get to work here so I'll have to make this brief...


Chief gives us Window Symbols but those symbols always mount TO the wall (i.e. they hang on the wall.  They are not inserted into the wall.   If you want to use a window symbol you have to Open Symbol (not Open Object) and adjust the Y Position Origin Offset. 


I personally prefer to use a normal Fixture Symbol set to Inserts Into Wall.  You use the Depth setting under the Inserts Into Wall option instead of a Y offset.  Because the fixture symbol is actually inserted into the wall, the CAD Block moves with it, and you have the added benefit of a fully customizable Wall Cutout Polyline.

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