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I am trying to create a custom texture detail schedule that references an object's texture and displays the assigned texture image. Problem is, I am fairly inexperienced with Ruby/macro in general although I have a very basic understanding. Has anyone created something similar to this, or have suggestions on how to get started with creating this type of custom macro? I am using Interiors 12X

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If you're trying to access the Texture Source file name, then yes, you are correct, I am telling you that its not possible.  If you're trying to access the Material name, then I'm telling you it might be possible.  It really depends on what you mean when you say "texture image" and on what types of objects you're talking about.

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    • By DRyeHD
      I have a total of 14 possible layout pages I use.  I have my layout pages defined using the # sign.  On my "0" layout page I use %page.print% for the page number and %numpages% to get the total number of pages.  I don't always use all 14 pages but would rather not delete them from the client layout file in case they decide they want additional pages later.  So, as it is, even if I just need six pages the number 14 displays (see attachment).  Is there a way to get that macro to reflect the number of pages used in my layout schedule or the number of actual pages that I will print?  Also, is there an easier way to select which pages display in the layout table than opening each layout page and editing each one's layout page information (like a list of layout pages you could pull up and select/deselect the two checkboxes on this DBX?

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      hi all,
      i have a Library of Ruby macro that was custom coded for me few years back.
      some the task/script is not working anymore cuz of the X12 upgrade.
      i would like have this Library upgraded and refresh the Code to the X12 version. and get it working again.
      the Library was very well and beautifully coded by another guru/ruby master.
      But unfortunately, iam unable reach the original programmer to redo this project.
      im looking for someone that could help and take over and upgrade this Library.
      Please contact me.
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      I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to display room occupancy load, using a text color tag.
      For example if a room was 100 ft.² and the fire occupancy load is 7 ft.² per person able to take the (room area divided by 7)
      the formula would also need to round up or down to the nearest whole number
      Here is the "Callout Specification" dialog window
      Here is the "callout tag" with the formula, but I would like it to be modified so instead it  show the red text or something similar

    • By MarkMc
      I received a couple of question from folks at and after yesterdays GTM I'm attaching a plan and a layout in a zip file. Consider this something for forensic examination-to use to figure out how you want ot go about things. There are very likely mistakes, I'm certain that some of the label macros need work and in the course of putting this together some unwanted ones may have dropped in from the library..
      There was a request at the meeting for annosets. I agree with Perry and Scott that you need to put together what works for you but this may help get you going. The annosets here are a recent update to mine and may have mistakes yet. Started with something, a year or so later updated it, learned some more, fudged it as I went, now going working on a new and improved revised set. No you do NOT need to change annosets with every release. Yes you can use the same annosets for multiple templates (reference manual). OR you can use different ones. It's a good idea to export them somewhere (like the CA data file) with a date associated for when you muck them up or need to go back or want them somewhere else. I keep a second set that is less used for new construction that is different than my everyday remodel set. Just cuts down on the clutter.  
      Label macros included- the principal I'm working with is to use one macro while I work so I know what is going on, then to change all the cabinets on the primary layers to have another macro that works for ordering nomenclature (3 inch increments for example) To get any of the macros out you open the macro management dbx pick it and export- then do the reverse in another plan and import (HIT F1)  
      There was a question about the molding warehouse- included some in one room with a note. Don't forget to play with the new drag a profile from the library feature.  
      Countertops-no chief will not automatically label finished edges- see the plan, keep some text int there and copy and paste. (maybe someone from the dark side can write a macro for that but I'm not going there.) A few ways to get millwork and other things into a schedule- included one arch block turned sideways to show the problem from using them. couple of odd symbols thingies for the schedules. Included-an architectural block with a wood hood and a blower insert inside it. The blower insert is currently set so you can't really resize it without going into the symnbol DBX and changing things (look in the reference manual and play with it -best way to learn) You can use this to see if the blower you want will fit in the hood the client wants. Glass house view, cross section slider, backclipped elevations. Odds and ends-if you have not seen Scott Harris method of globally changing kitchen cabinets you should check it out. Basically he keeps a couple of cabinets on the side in different door/color/construction. Then picks one and sets as default  (one reason I ONLY use cabinets that respect the defaults even though some things don't AND naturally changing from overlay to inset requires some heavy redesign) There was a mention that 2020 will underline a label if you alter the size of a cabinet from the default. Chief won't. Thing is that 2020 will also underline the label if you add an accessory or a modification to the cabinet so it is NOT saving you from yourself (unless you do those last) File and layout attached, neither is complete, but worth fooling with I think.
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      The lengths of framing members in schedules, i.e. rafters, joists, etc appear to be expressed in fractional inches by default.
      Can that be changed to be expressed in feet and fractional inches.