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  1. I have multiple computers that I use for my job, a laptop, home office desktop and office desktop. It drives me nuts if I need to work on a design from more than one computer because all of the textures I have are associated with the computer and not the project file. So if I have been working predominantly on one computer, every custom texture I imported is lost if I use another computer. Is there a was to transfer texture data with the project file so it can be worked on from multiple computers? I work on windows 10 on each computer. I am currently using 15x(Beta) but this have been a consistent issue with older versions as well.
  2. I have needed tom place stairs that go through a doorway on multiple occasions, and every time I try it would seem the program glitches and usually breaks the wall or the doorway so you can see the structural materials. The best solution I have found was placing two staircases on either side of the opening, but even that solution isn't perfect. Has anyone found a solution to this?? Am I doing something wrong? I feel like it's pretty common for stairs to go through openings, so it would seem odd to me if chief would not have an option for that.... I attached a picture of what I am encountering. I am using premier x13 beta, but this was also a problem in x12
  3. So what you are saying is what I am trying to do isn't really possible?
  4. I am trying to create a custom texture detail schedule that references an object's texture and displays the assigned texture image. Problem is, I am fairly inexperienced with Ruby/macro in general although I have a very basic understanding. Has anyone created something similar to this, or have suggestions on how to get started with creating this type of custom macro? I am using Interiors 12X