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Hi, I am back again with another issue with this house.  This time the ceilings on the open below, and bedrooms 3 and 4 have disappeared.  Not sure what I moved/did that caused it.  Anyone notice what it could be???  I've attached pictures of how it was, and and what it is like now. I also attached the .plan file.  Any ideas on fixing it back like its supposed to be???   



Bergman residence 3 CA-2.zip

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Good nights sleep and a fresh mind works wonders.  The rear porch roof wasn't touching the outside of the upstairs wall.  Fixed that and all is good with my CA world.  

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@DianeP - I'm sure this job is a work in progress...but, there are quite a few issues with this plan that you may want to address. 


Also - you might want to "fix" the "residential" plan template you are using. Chief did not do us any favors with this template. 

I suggest you open the template (save it as your own) and make these changes; (this is just a start...)


- 3D View Defaults>Sunlight: Change the sunlight in defaults to "use generic sun" and check the box "sun follows camera". This will insure you always have sun on the face shining on what you are looking at in 3D.


-With the template open, switch to the "roof plan view" in Saved Plan Views. Now...edit the layerset. 

●Search for "overhang"...and turn this layer off

●Search for "gutter"...turn it off

●Search for "plane". Change the roof plan line color to something bold...I use a bright blue. Change the lineweight to at least 50. Change the line style to a solid line. 

- You might want to turn "attic walls" on also...feel free to give them a unique line style to distinguish these from normal walls.

Now when you switch the roof plan view...you will see just what you need...without all the clutter.


Optionally - in defaults, in "Camera Tools"...I'd open the "Full Camera", the "Perspective Full Overview" camera and change the "ambient occlusion" to something like 40. Also...increase the number of lights to at least 100. 


These few changes will should improve your ability to work in plan and 3D immensely. 


See attached pics showing some items you may want to address in your plan;


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