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When a plan is rotated 90 degrees the orientation is sideways or backwards,,,, up arrow moves it to left or right and this varies depending on rotation move. Can this be corrected? No issues just curious.

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Be aware that when you use the "Rotate Plan" tool, you actually rotate the x,y grid, so that the x grid is running vertical on your screen and the y is horizontal, basex on a 90 degree rotation.


I would suggest useing the "Edit Area (All Floors) tool to select all items in your plan and rotate using the transform replicate tool.  This is by no means perfect, and you may have to fix some minor issues, but it leaves the x,y grid alone.  This should only be done if you want this rotation to be permanent.  If for whatever reason you just want to rotate it temprarily I'd suggest using hte rotate plan tool and dealing with the effects.

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