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Roof Base line (pitching line)

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Hi guys new user from Australia.

I have been using Archicad for the past 10 years and I am currently trialing chief to potentially make the swap.over.

I have question regarding roof baselines.


I have created a brick veneer wall (brick / air gap / stud wall / plaster). When I change the pitching line to be on the stud frame wall, the foundation also changes to the stud wall leaving the brickwork with nothing under it.


Is there a way to create this wall so the pitching line is on the stud wall and the foundation builds to the outside of brick


Thanks Coops


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Take a look at the wall settings for the foundation wall and the building wall sitting atop that foundation wall. See the image attached.


This is where you control how the walls stack.


The MAIN LAYER is either a single layer or a group of contiguous layers (1,2,3, . . . ) and when building a roof over a wall, the baseline is set on that main layers outside face.  If doing roof builds using the auto roof tool command, this is where baselines land.


You have complete control over a roof already built when you select it for movement or editing, and can move the baseline somewhere else.

2021-01-06 16_06_52-Window.png

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