Another Mystery Problem With Vanishing Views?


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Second of this type problem in about a week. Last time all vector type views would not show, just plan and Orthographic would display. It somehow fixed itself.


Now, mid work on a plan (terrain elevation related) the screen areas (plan) went all white. Nothing whatsoever will show other than 3D views. Note just the opposite of what happened about a week ago. I can see the plan in the "Aerial View" window, but not main window. Perspective Views all show.


Is this a problem with the program or plan? My thought is program as this is a different plan than before. I've tried all the obvious reboots, layers on/off, etc... 


Can anyone see plan views with this??




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Thanks guys. That was it. Somehow I was a long way away from the origin, but never occurred to me as I was actually zoomed into the plan when all went white. Being elsewhere in plan never crossed my mind.


Thanks again !!!!!!

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