Custom Wall Height Above Garage

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So I've looked high and low for a solution to this but cant find anything that works.  I'll try my best to accurately explain the situation.


I'm creating bonus space above the garage connected to the main house via a breezeway.  The breezeway will have a second floor acting as a corridor into the bonus room above the garage.  The garage gable/rafters will sit on top of the 3/4 plywood above the garage.


The roof over the garage is only an 8 pitch, and the garage is 24x24 so I'll only have about 8 feet total from sub-floor to the top of the rafters.  Even with a 10 pitch there still isn't much height to work with. So, I want to build 3-4' knee walls around the garage to give me more head space to work with and so my ceiling joists will essentailly act as collar ties for the structure.  So essentially the front and rear gable walls will be built with an extra 4 feet of wall for the rafters to sit on.  I'm just bringing the whole gable roof above the garage up a few feet.


The only option I can find in Chief Architect is to change the ceiling height, but that's not what I need.  I still want a standard ceiling here (97 1/8" to be exact), but in this scenario the ceiling joists will be attached inside the rafters rather than on top of a wall like in a typical situation.


So how do I add just 4 foot walls around the garage (2 of them being full gable walls of course) without changing ceiling height?



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The short answer is, learn how the program works, and you will be able to answer you own question.



When asking about roofs, you always need to say if you are using Auto Rebuild, or doing them manually.


Auto Build


Start a new plan, draw one room. Build a 2nd floor, setting the ceiling height to 4'. Build the roof, and make sure Auto Rebuild is off. Change the 2nd floor ceiling to 8'. What does it look like?




Select the 2 roof planes and move them up 48".




Here is one of my videos that may or may not help.




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Select all your roof planes.

With the "Transform/Replicate" tool raise your roof whatever height you want in the "move" "Z" plane.


If needed, you might need to draw in some attic walls if they're not on auto rebuild already.

Or, maybe think about building a new floor level for that space.



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I just made this video the other day...and I think it'll answer some of your questions. It's not specific to your problem...but, it's somewhat related. 

Hope it helps...



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