How To Undo Exterior Wall Polyline Drag Up


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is there a quick method to undo manual editing of exterior wall polylines that have been dragged up to match the slope of underside of monopitch roof,

so that when the 3D model is changed, the walls auto generate correctly?.


is there a setting in the wall dbx to reset/revert them back to the 'way they were' before the user intervened?

( yes yes I know, from now on make the side walls 'high shed' in wall roof tab dbx :) )

but I just need to undo my manual fiddlings...







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nah graeme that does not work.

draw yourself a little test house. add a roof, monopitch. make the sides 'high shed'. make the end 'full gable' in wall dbx.

now in 3d change your end walls manually (drag them up or down)

now change your roof pitch.

now try and show me the setting to make the walls behave correctly and draw up to the roofline as they should automatically, before you manually fiddled with them :)


after half an hour of trial and error, I cant find the setting or sequence.

ive tried redrawing the walls

ive tried redrawing the roof.


the problem I have is the model of the house is fairly well advanced (90% full construction drawings)

and the roof has gone from internal gutters with parapets (I manually drawgged the walls up to eyeball them)

to external  gutters monopitch (high shed).

but, chief is still stuck on not automatically redrawing the exterior wall to the correct height.


i did a test case square house off to one side of the main house, and it works sweet. proving to me the .plan file is behaving.

just the model of the house is not.


I will keep digging to find an answer. reluctantly, I DONT want to redraw the exterior walls, as that will mean fully redimensioning an already dimensioned plan


anyone else have a solution? GlennW? scott?

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ok. send you some pavlova scott, (you know what that is right?)


the solution is to first go around perimeter of house and make sure ALL the walls are set to

wall structure dbx set to ticked "default wall top height".


then all is well and they redraw correctly.

I know as a rule its not a good idea to manually adjust them...lesson learnt.


im also thinking I might not label rooms anymore with a true room label,

leave them as 'unknown', with a text room label,

as if properly label them with a room label that tends to change their properties in ways that chief has never fully documented...

eg foundations below take on strange properties at times...


oh the inner workings of day...

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