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Is there a way to have a saved material list update when changes to the model are made?  My experience with material lists, albeit very limited since I usually give up on it, is that it's a static list from when it's created, not dynamic.  Is this correct or am I missing something?


Thank you!


Continuously upgrading versions about 2.0, currently X12

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It's static.


I use the material list as a way to refine the 3D model (i.e., the plan) so as to have the most accurate representation of how the building is built with real available-to-purchase materials as possible.


I want my final issue of the material list to be as close to an actual buy list as possible.


Use the "find in plan" feature to go to and edit every single element of the job, from the rebar in the footings, to the knobs on the closet doors, if those elements don't match your intent.

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I wish Materials Lists could be updated as well, but just remember, we have a lot of tools at our disposal to really speed up the generation of new Materials Lists.  To name a few:

  • Layer Settings  Use them to control which layers are even reporting to the Materials List
  • Components tab  Use the Components tab to control exactly what gets reported by any given object
  • Include These Categories  This setting found under Preferences>Materials List controls which categories are included by Default
  • Materials List Polylines  Use the Materials List Polyline Specification dialog to really dial in what gets report.  Then select one or more polylines and click the Calculate Materials in Polyline tool.
  • Calculate Materials From Selection  This can be used to calculate lists from very specific item(s).


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