Cannot shape curved roofs in plan view to suit need

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Plan attached.  The overhang on this, everywhere, is a small 2'6 by whatever length needed curved one, joined at the building line with the roof over walls and house.


They won't behave.  I highlighted the two along the front elevation (plan L) that need attention.  Select and you'll see the odd behavior.


And while you are looking, tell my why I am unable to do a simple one vert one horiz muntin pattern in the round window.  The elevation view has the blocked CAD lines, but I get no "load muntins."

Market Main DeHaan.plan

2020-09-10 09_00_26-Chief Architect Premier X12.png

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Don't have time to look into the curved roof issue.  Glanced at it real quick though and nothing jumps out at me.  Definitely something weird going on there and I would suggest you send it in to tech support.  The muntin issue on the other hand is an easy one...your CAD Block is just a little too big and extends too far beyond the glass. 

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