adding an open shelf to a custom vanity


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I'm sure this has been discussed, but I can't find anything specific that answers this question.


I'm trying to create a simple vanity with two drawers and an open shelf underneath (see inspiration image of "vanity").  I simply can't figure out a way/remember how to add a shelf other than by using the shelf command. While this works visually, it treats it as a separate part of the vanity, thereby creating two separate pieces.  In the Working Plan and Kitchen and Bath View plans, the shelf shows up on top of the sink while the 3d view shows the shelf in the correct place!  I guess maybe it's, in part, a layers thing?


I know there has to be a better way of doing this.  What am I missing/forgetting?


shelf on top.png

correct view.png

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Wood Open Shelf Vanity | 


How about something like this? I don't need the tapered legs, but the legs and the shelf are what I am struggling with. Guess I could just cad it and make it an object. Might as well check if there is an easier way. Any suggestions?

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I don't think this would be easy to do with the cabinet tools because of the taper.


If you can find a symbol online, you could import it.  Otherwise, building each piece using polyline solids.


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13 hours ago, MannyC said:

I don't need the tapered legs, but the legs and the shelf are what I am struggling with.

If you don't need tapered legs there are several ways to do that with just the cabinet DBX.


Dermot may well be correct that pline solids are easier to do. It is possible with custom door symbols- two methods included in plan, both only partially finished.

All of the symbols already used and some of the cad used are included in the plan.

Tip- when doing any of these: FIRST set the front to look like what you want the sides and back to look like. Go around to each side and back, select match front, the change to custom face.

When done with sides and back go to the front and make it the way you want it to look.


To see how the angled drawers and legs are controlled open symbol, look at: the origins, stretch planes and most important the bounding box.

The difficulty with using these is figuring out what the bounding box and other settings need to be. The version on the left has the drawer heads set to be shrunk. That would also require a custom drawer box if you need to show it open.

The symbols for angled one in the second room have the bounding box set gradually narrower than the drawer opening and will not require a custom drawer box.


Shelf bottom

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