Wide standard paneled garage doors


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I have downloaded the three garage door catalogs from the Library, and non of them have a standard wide paneled garage door. They also do not have a wide paneled 8' high door (5 panels high)


What they have is 5 panel high flush doors - so this can be stretched - cool

But there are no standard paneled, wide (16' and 18') 4 or 5 high garage doors.

Does someone have access to such doors? 


The long panel door comes in both 4 panel wide and 2 panel wide - very good.

The door with the 4 panels across come should also come with 8 panels for wider doors.


Am I missing it somewhere? It's like the most common door used from Menards and Lowes. Starter doors.

Thank you



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9 hours ago, stevenyhof said:

I think I just found them in the garage doors included  - all good :)


Oh geez, another typo! This time in your door label. Not trying to be annoying, but I'd want someone to point it out if it was mine.;)

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