X5 Vs X6 Efficiency Question Re: Persistent Tab Selection

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I'm still working in both X5 and X6 for different projects. One thing I find more efficient in X5 is that if I'm going through different objects and wanting to edit the same tab (for instance, I want to select a wall then select "wall specification" then "structure" tab then turn on "go through floor platform"; in X5 this most recently selected tab comes up persistently the next time I select a similar object, so this makes things quick for me to edit.

X6 seems to revert back to the first tab when I select a new object so I have to then re-select the "structure" tab every time. This is minor, but over the course of designing a house requires way more mouse clicks etc....Is there a way to set X6 to behave like X5 in this regard?




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