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Hi, I am trying to show along a path and on the driveway to add a paving pattern as shown in the attached image. Do we have them in CA catalogs? I tried to search and could not find one. Any suggestions  how to achieve it?


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If it is a custom layout No.....  if it's one the Manufacturer supports try their Website  or another Manufacturer like TechBloc may have it for download


Chief's (X11+X12) Basic Patterns are here :



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      I am trying to create a sunken patio in sloping terrain. The problem I am having is getting a smooth drop in the grade of the lot without distorting the patio which needs to remain flat. The attached sample file shows what I am trying to achieve with the grey circle representing the area where he patio will be. I tried to subtract this area from the terrain perimeter but found that I cannot subtract and object from terrain like I can with a polyline solid. I've been back and fourth with tech support but so far they have not been able to find a solution.
      Any ideas?
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      Is there a specific catalog where I can find a wall mounted pergola?  I found one free catalog option but they are limited, free standing and there are no wall mounted options.
      Any recommendations or leads are appreciated.
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      is anyone aware of a specific catalog, free or otherwise, that contains single, rectangular wall-mounted flood lights?  the default catalog contains two variations of floodlights but they both have a round profile and it won't meet the needs of my presentation.

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      I'd like to add a roof to cover my front patio (see attached pic). I've tried various ways of changing the property of the wall(s) to a full gable but I can't seem to get the effect I want (a 3rd gabled roof much like the existing two gables).
      The program keeps wanting to convert it to a combined gable.

      I'd really appreciate any help? Thx!!
      I'm using Home Designer Suite 2017 
    • By CBRF23
      Hi all, 
      I'm just learning chief (what a wonderful program!  I absolutely love it!!) and am struggling with cutting out a flat pad for a patio on a rolling lot. 
      I'm working in X9, on an i5 surface pro. 
      I've made multiple attempts to create this feature, and the closest I've gotten is still far from pretty - screenshots attached. 
      I created my terrain in the following order: 
      Built the first floor Built the foundation Created the terrain profile Created the elevation contours (imported topography map image, scaled, traced with contour spline) Built terrain Added stream feature Celebrated getting exactly the results I wanted (YAY!)  
      I've since then been struggling to create a flat area on the backside of the house for a patio. 
      I've tried all sorts of means, and the best I've gotten so far is shown in the screenshots. This was built using 2 retaining walls, an elevation region, and a couple of strategic terrain break lines. 
      However, as you can see, I've got some real wonkiness happening in one corner. 
      Have you ever dealt with this before? What did you do to resolve the wonkiness? Alternatively, can you suggest a better way to build the cut-out flat region I'm trying to create?