Walls meet at 45 degree angle extend only one wall to ceiling


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I have two walls that meet at a 45 degree angle (wall 1 and wall 2).    Both are half walls.  What I want to do is to have wall 2 extend to the ceiling.  I would like to have the area highlighted in red and corresponding wall extend to the ceiling and keep wall 1 a half wall.  Whenever I try to do this, the ways the walls get joined, the is overlap of wall 1 and wall 2 and I get what is shown in the second picture (I made one wall red to show the 2 walls for distinctly).  I have also provide a profile view and top view of the joined walls and have attached the sample wall plan.


I am using Chief Architect X12.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Intersection Walls.plan




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That was my first thought - to you a polyline solid to build one of the walls - except that both walls have windows and doors.  I could maybe just use a polyline solid to create the end of the walls that join at the 45 angle.


Greatly appreciate the comments and help.

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