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  1. OK - I somehow got it to do what I needed. Now just need to see if I can repeat it :)
  2. I used the below instructions: "To cut the symbol in half -add a stretch zone that goes from then back to the center of the object, resize the depth to half what it was. Almost forgot- once done open the symbol again, block tab, generate block so it shows correctly in plan." But cannot get it to work. I take a newel post and add it to my plan. I then open the newel post as a symbol and set the y plane to cut the newel in half. I then click ok and then I open the same symbol in my plan and I generate block. Then I add the block to my plan - but I cannot see it a
  3. That was my first thought - to you a polyline solid to build one of the walls - except that both walls have windows and doors. I could maybe just use a polyline solid to create the end of the walls that join at the 45 angle. Greatly appreciate the comments and help.
  4. Not sure how to bisect the intersection - thus the reason for me asking for help on how to achieve this because I am a newbie with Chief Architect and learning my blueprinting my house.
  5. This is just an example from a much larger plan I am working on - but it still shows that if I extend the one wall higher than the other, they seem to "overlap"
  6. I have two walls that meet at a 45 degree angle (wall 1 and wall 2). Both are half walls. What I want to do is to have wall 2 extend to the ceiling. I would like to have the area highlighted in red and corresponding wall extend to the ceiling and keep wall 1 a half wall. Whenever I try to do this, the ways the walls get joined, the is overlap of wall 1 and wall 2 and I get what is shown in the second picture (I made one wall red to show the 2 walls for distinctly). I have also provide a profile view and top view of the joined walls and have attached the sample wall plan. I a
  7. David, just saw your reply before I posted my own reply - will give yours a try
  8. I think I got it figured out. I created a solid polyline and fill in the space to create a vertical wall. If there is an easier way to do this I am open to suggestions.
  9. I need to place a vertical wall between the ceiling I created using ceiling planes and the cathedral ceiling above it.
  10. I have a cathedral ceiling then I also have a ceiling that is lower than the cathedral ceiling. I used ceiling planes to create the ceiling under the cathedral, my question - is there an easy way to fill the gap between the ceiling plane ceiling I created and the cathedral ceiling?
  11. I am using a rake stair with a railing and where the railing meets the wall I want to manually add half a newel post. I could take a full newel post and have half of it embedded in the wall and not seen but was hoping to be able to use one of the system provided newel posts and basically cut in vertically in half and then I would be able to place it where the railing and wall meet.
  12. I have a loft and the flooring for the loft is showing through the wall or is on top of the wall . Is there a setting to stop this from occurring? 3679RivervailDrive_New_FirstFloorplan.plan
  13. Thanks for the information - greatly appreciated - working on new wall cap and it is looking much better.
  14. How do you view items in vector view? I see it in the menu at 3D -> Rendering Techniques - Vector View - but it is not selectable - it is grayed out. Sorry for the newbie questions.