Topo Lines in 3D


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Hi everyone. 

I found an interesting way to show topo lines in 3d. It is especially helpful when showing how a building will be cut into a hill. 

I transform the elevation lines and turn them into rope lights. 

Copy Elevation Line, Convert to Polyline, Convert Polyline, Select Rope Light. 

You can even adjust light value and play with it in Standard or PBR. 

Good times.


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That is a very simple solution, thanks!  Unfortunately I'm still working in X10, but I just came up with a workaround for this.

Copy the terrain perimeter and convert the polyline to a road perimeter.  Set it at 0 depth and match the terrain texture.


Convert the elevation lines to CAD and copy them back in, convert them to road markings.  Set the desired width and texture.

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I'm just trying your method out in X12 trial verison, it looks like you may have to manually adjust the elevation of the rope lights, as they have no setting relative to terrain.  The plan I am working on is dense with elevation lines, with many of them being spaced 12" apart in plan on a lot that is 63,000 sqft.  Aint nobody got time for that!  :P


The road markings automatically follow the elevations of the terrain and do not require manual positioning in the Z axis.

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