explode all cad blocks?


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Is there a way to globally explode cad blocks in a cad detail?  I have a problem where some of the line weights of the cad details that I send to layout are too heavy.  On the layout page, when the show line weights is toggled off, everything looks fine.  However, when I print to pdf, I see the heavier line weights.  I have tried selecting all the elements on the cad detail and globally changing the line weights, but it doesn't change the lines that are in cad blocks (there are lots of cad blocks).  I can explode each cad block individually and change the line weights, but that's going to take a very long time.  So I wondering if there is a way to:

1) get the pdf print to look like the layout page when show lines weights is toggled off


2) globally explode all cad blocks, or somehow change the line weight of cad blocks without exploding them


3) some other method 



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I would recommend investing some time in learning how to use and control line weights in general, but in the meantime, open your layout, go to Print>Drawing Sheet setup and (going from memory for name here but...) under Advanced Lineweight Options, change the number to something very very small (or large...I forgot which and I’m not at my computer).  That should have a similar affect to turning off line weights.  While you’re there, double check, as I recall, there might even be a legacy setting to use only a single line weight.  

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