How to Adjust Ceiling Joist Width for a Room


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2 hours ago, Chopsaw said:

You will find that in the Room Specification DBX under the Structure tab.


You'll only find the height there.  To adjust the width we have to jump through some hoops.  There are a few ways to go about it, but the short answer is that you have to either:

  1. Group select and change after the fact
  2. Leverage the new Framing Groups and Retain Framing setting.  This way you can change the default width and frame various areas individually. 1225552355_FramingGroups.thumb.png.1399ce62810fc57c3027704f77dcc4c9.png


Probably other ways I'm not thinking of right now, but Chief sure doesn't make this one very easy.  Please send in a suggestion or add your support to one that others of us have made. I just wish Chief would respect the Material setting for joists like they do for wall framing. 

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