Can I make cabinet doors look like they came from one sheet?


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I think it's doable, but it would be a huge chunk of time to pull off.  The biggest hurdle just to start is that you'd need to have a photo of a full sheet of veneered plywood.  Then in a photo editing program you'd need to break it up into pieces just as if you were building it from that sheet of plywood... then number or otherwise name each piece so you know where it goes.  Then turn each one into a separate individually named material in chief and paint onto each door/drawer panel.

If you just needed the look for a 3D view without actually having individual cabinets modeled, you could do it much easier/faster by modeling the whole visible face of the cabinet from polyline solids, convert all to solids then select all, do a solid union and THEN paint on the plywood material, which will then cover the whole thing.

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so basically I ended up kind of making it the second way but I built the panel in sketchup and then painted it with walnut in chief..  It didn't take too long but only worth it on a small job like this which is basically two cabinets side by side.  I was hoping there might be an easier way that I couldn't think of.  


Thanks for your thoughts Mark

grain match test.JPG

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Thanks!  Luckily I found a decent image of some walnut grain.


Yeah, I don't model things in chief.  Only because I never really dedicated any time to learning how to get good and fast at it.  I'm pretty comfortable with sketchup and it just seems much more intuitive for that kind of stuff so I just do it there.  But really I should learn that skill at some point.

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This can actually be done pretty quickly with Chief for quick renderings...

1.  Find or create a texture with an appropriate grain pattern that is large enough to cover the door and drawer fronts of your entire unit.

2.  Paint your cabinet boxes with the appropriate material and paint the door and drawer fronts with a different material (any material should do, it just needs to be different)

3.  Group select the desired cabinets and Convert Selected To Symbol

4.  Delete those cabinets (assume this is done in a separate Save As version of the plan)

5.  Drop that new symbol into your plan to replace the deleted cabinets

6.  Paint the desired material onto the door and drawer fronts

7.  Define the material as NOT Stretch To Fit, set the appropriate scale (needs to be large enough to cover the unit), and check Global Symbol Mapping

8.  Inspect in 3D and then adjust Horizontal and/or Vertical Offsets(s) as necessary

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    Thanks for that contribution, I did not think of that at all but will definitely try that out.  Always good to have a faster solution at hand.




Mark, I Think you might have to change your name to mike to be in this post...HAHA!  

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