X12 Crash and Windows FTH Warnings?


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While trying to import the attached SKP file from 3d warehouse X12 quit, no message.

So after the third attempt, I get this message from Windows 10 when I start Chief. (See attached)


Not sure it is a Chief problem or a windows problem.

Anyone work through a similar issue?



CA X12 Crash.JPG

Floor Polisher.skp

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Could be an issue with the sketch-up file which is know to have glitches from time to time. Not every import for the warehouse will make it through the import process, and when it does go wrong, it will freeze up your Chief program.


Test the import process out with another .skp file and you'll know if it's just that one bad file in particular.


Also.. regarding the FTH warning, you can turn that off... this may help: https://discourse.paraview.org/t/potential-ms-windows-10-performance-hit-due-to-fth/405

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