X12 - Exterior Lights not Working as Expected


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I'm having trouble with getting my exterior lights to render in 3D the way I would expect them too. I've tried different combinations of spot lights and other lights with different intensities without any realist results. I've turned off the sunlight and tried different back drop images without any luck.




Interior lights seem to be working and when I look at the lights DBX it even shows them in use like below in blue




However every time I'm outside the structure with the camera view looking at the exterior lights the light DBX will not show any lights in use.




Below are the style lighting effects I'm trying to get on the exterior of this structure but not having a luck. I feel as though I'm missing some sort of setting that is not allowing the lights on the exterior to render correctly. Like they wont even turn on.




Does anyone have any recommendations or troubleshooting tips as to why my exterior lights are not functioning? Thanks for any help here.




Oh and I'm doing all this work in X12

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