need help with dormer


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i try do make a dormer like the picture  inside it,s a cathedral ceiling   the top wall is 9-0 the wall 

for dormer are 2 feet hight  the ceilling is flat  i try to built the wall on the roof trust to support 

the dormer roof    i try with dormer tool    look video but cant make this 

i have chief architect x11

InkedIMG_1269 (002)_LI.jpg

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I have found that Chief's auto-dormer feature won't reliably build that type of dormer (where the ext. wall continues up from below).  Do it manually.  There are many tutorials if you search 'manual dormer' in Chief's support/user center.  A very basic explanation would be:  Build a room inside of the room the dormer is in.  Make that room the size of the dormer you want and set that room height to the height you want the dormer to be.  Break the main roof plane around the dormer walls and pull back the roof over the dormer 'room' so the dormer walls go through the roof opening to their intended height.  Build the roof planes of the dormer.  Use the roof joining tool to join the roof planes all together.  Select the dormer walls and in the wall DBX select ROOF in the left column, then click on Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom.  The dormer room walls should then disappear and you'll have your dormer.  Best to watch one of the videos showing how to do this.

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