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Every time i export pictures they are not very clear.  Attaching a quick sample (not an actual plan, just something to show the blur) If you zoom in at all you will see it's not clear. Specifically the house I'm working on right now is quite long and the exported pictures are terrible!! I am overlooking something.  If someone could let me know how to export pictures properly (for layout and just for a picture file) i would appreciate it!


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When you send an image or render view to layout directly if you then upsize the image to fit the target page, it tends to degrade the appearance of the image, so I believe what Jintu is suggesting is to export the image to a size larger than the target layout page size so when you send that image file to layout you can downsize it using its corner handles instead of enlarging a smaller image instance which degrades its appearance. Making a large image smaller compresses its pixels and enlarging an existing image causes its pixels to be enlarged causing the loss of clarity.



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