3D Viewer doesn't display Reference layer


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I've just learned how to create asbuilt reference layers for 3D Perspective Renderings.  This is an amazing tool.  However, when I import that view into 3D Viewer it does not hold onto the Reference layer showing the asbuilt.   Is there something I am missing?

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Please do not try to use any of the Chieftalk forums to report bugs to us. Although we have moderators that monitor the Chieftalk forums who will occasionally answer questions, they do not look for reports of bugs. You should always contact our technical support department if you think that you have found a bug in one of our products.  For information about contacting technical support, see this support page:



Please do not use this Q&A forum to try and submit feature requests.  The forum moderators do not look for feature requests on this forum which means it is very unlikely that it will ever get logged into our internal database.  If you would like to submit a feature request, you can post it on the Suggestions forum here:



Some more information about making suggestions can also be found in this post:





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