Wall cabinet with raised deck. How to in Chief?

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My customers get their cabinets made by batching entire jobs or rooms using eCabinets software, then buying out the packages of components:  carcase parts from a CNC shop, fronts and trim from someone like Walzcraft, hardware from usual sources, drawerboxes from another, etc.  Unbundled sourcing.  All is put together on site.  It is fast and VERY cost effective.


Uppers always get undercab lighting, and instead of doing light rails, the decks (i.e. carcase bottoms) of wall cabs are raised 1-1/4", a behind-door piece of trim goes on at install-time, and the doors overshoot the decks by 1-1/4".  See the sketch, attached.  The applied valance trim piece, 3/4 x 1-1/8" is shown.


How would one do this in Chief?  It's no biggie for me that I cannot do it now.  Just thought it might be good for accurate section views.


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Thanks, Mark.  I did not know that break that happens between separation = 1.875 and separation = 2.  I can certainly live with 1-1/8", particularly with all the LED strip lights we have available now.  Back in xenon bulb puck days we needed more depth for the housings.

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