Imported bifold doesn't display correctly

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I'm putting this here and not in Symbols and Content because I have a problem to be solved, not a nice symbol to show and offer.


I have a craftsman-style interior and doors are from the Simpson catalog and there is no issue with the doors.  The style is the high-waisted one panel over two with flat panels and plain sticking, the top panel being about 18" high.  A style seen in any images you find when searching craftsman style interiors.


There was no bifold version in the Simpson content, and nothing in Chief content would give me the high-waisted two panel look, so I modeled one in Sketchup, and imported it in as a door symbol.


My screencap, attached, shows the model in SU and I used the section plane to show its cut-view so you can see the recessed panel.


Chief is not modeling it correctly.  It seems to be filling the recessed opening plane with a surface.  How can I correct this?


 Plan attached, plus the SU model, and the screencap.



Craftsman III bifold slab 16 wide.skp

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Thanks, Michael.


I did not do that, but had solved it before seeing your post.  I fiddled with the SU model, generating and then manually deleting the surfaces covering the panel recesses, then grouped the model, and re-imported.  All is well now.


For anyone wanting this bifold door style, it is here in this revised mini-plan, and it is a match in both detailing and proportions to the Simpson door in the Chief catalog.



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