Setting height of 3d model in relationship to new addition

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My new project, is an addition to and existing home.  Will be connected by an enclosed breezeway at the garage of the existing home.  The slab of the new will be same height as slab of exiting home.  They want the fascia's of the two to more-or-less align in elevation. I imported a 3D model (I used the Hover app to model it to save me time) and it appears reasonably accurate. It is necessary for code submission as well as for the HOA review (we already have HOA tentative approval).  I'll have several challenges but this one is first on the list.  When I imported the 3D model into my plan, I could not find or see where there was a setting to set the height of the model (the approx. top of slab) from the existing terrain. Perhaps there isn't a way?  Any ideas on how I can achieve that? The addition will be a story and half and I haven't attempted to model that part of it yet. One thing at a time for now.

Thanks in advance for the assistance. 







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The Hover App does not appear to have made a "flat" bottom on the Model ( can be seen in an elevation view ) or it is tilted?  thus only the center of the symbol is currently aligned with the Top of the Slab in the addition after setting the height as Eric pointed out.





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12 hours ago, solver said:


That's all I did. Select it, Open Object. 

Eric, that worked! I was trying to open it in plan view but when I opened it in the 3D perspective I got the DBX to open. Consider it solved!

Thank you for help!

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