Offering services for all construction needs: Plans, Renderings, Training, & 3D Animation.


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My name is Annette Sokoll and I have been using Chief Architect for over 13 years (X2-x14). I have over 25 years of field experience, and 20 years of design experience.

I can help you with all your construction needs such as: new construction, additions, remodels, 3d Animation and Training.


My Highlights:

·         My work was aired on the Mark and Mandy Tv show

·         Won awards for our designs

·         One of my custom home designs was published on Chief Architect brooches of X9.


My services are:

·         On line training

·         Take your plans from conception to completion

·         Master with roofs

·         Master with laying out your plans

·         Help chief users who are struggling.

·         Professional Renderings

·         Professional 3D animation

·         Reasonably prices


Feel fee to email me  or call me with your questions,



Annette Sokoll

Classic Designs LLC

Cell: 248-891-3955



Beta Tester

User Group instructor







This home I modeled in Chief Architect x9 and was built in reality. ( this was published on the Box Cover X9). 

Snapshot 1 (10-01-19 12-04 AM).png1465184139_HeatherLakeHakwsmore.thumb.jpg.869b71b96eaf9d90d3ede50bbbde67ce.jpg

Snapshot 2 (10-01-19 12-05 AM).png


Ranch Estate.jpg





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On 10/1/2019 at 12:09 AM, classicdesigns said:

Hello Chief Users & homeowners,


My name is Annette Sokoll, and I have with  Chief architect since 


and I have been design custom  homes for over 20 years. I have construction, and design back ground. 

I worked in the the field of  New construction- Remodels- Kitchens- Baths 


  • I can help you with all your construction needs for blueprints.
  • Online Training.
  • Construction experience of over 30 years.
  • Design experience 25 years.
  • Field experience in residential construction.
  • Master with roof designs and plan layout.
  • My work has been aired on the Mark & Mandy Show in Canada
  • 3D Virtual Architectural videos upon request.
  • Finished renderings for advertising real estate.
  • References available upon request.

  • Reasonably priced. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions, or help you may have.


Annette Sokoll

Senior Designer

User Group Instructor x2-x13

Beta tester


Atlanta, Michigan


Cell:  248-891-3955



Snapshot 1 (10-01-19 12-04 AM).png

Snapshot 2 (10-01-19 12-05 AM).png


Ranch Estate.jpg


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up date and wanted to add more pictures but it would not let me?
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Hello Annette,


I have a home that is located in Farmington Hills that I am beginning to plan a large remodel on. It was built in 1969 and is a 4000 sq ft split level. I have the original plans and I have some very rough ideas drawn out in CA. I would be interested in talking to you and seeing if there is a fit. I currently live out of state, but will be in Michigan the week of 10/19. Perhaps we could get together while I am in town. Let me know if I can give you a call.

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On 10/11/2020 at 1:22 PM, LindsayK said:

Hello Annette,


I have a home that is located in Farmington Hills that I am beginning to plan a large remodel on. It was built in 1969 and is a 4000 sq ft split level. I have the original plans and I have some very rough ideas drawn out in CA. I would be interested in talking to you and seeing if there is a fit. I currently live out of state, but will be in Michigan the week of 10/19. Perhaps we could get together while I am in town. Let me know if I can give you a call.


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I run a design firm in NH | ME and am looking to partner with a firm to help with construction drawings. 

While I've been drawing on Chief since x9, I'm just good enough to be dangerous. I can create the preliminary plan but would like a firm to help me with construction drawings and renderings. 

Would you be willing / able to do this?

Thank you, 

Amy Dutton

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Client Review:

Annette is super fast using Chief yet is not detailed oriented. She does not check her work for completeness or accuracy which adds a great deal of time, frustration and expense to the process. She was to provide complete plans ready to submit for permit but never took responsibility to assure these requirements were met, causing me a lot of extra work.
Annette uses an unreleased beta test version of Chief that is buggy, which also adds significant time to the project. Design elements we implement didn't always get saved and things unknowingly got shifted around. Without her checking the accuracy of the progress files she sent me, I was forced to spend a tremendous amount of time going through the plans looking for new errors. Whenever I bring up these difficulties, she considered them my changes, and met me with defensiveness.


The process described above continued at every step and I still don't have accurate plans to submit for permit, yet I need to move on.  

I don't like needing to write such a review but I would have appreciated knowing all this before I chose to work with Annette.




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I personally have known Annette of Classic Designs for more than a few years now, as she was my original trainer, when, I started using

the Chief Architect software. She is not only, a certified trainer, with Chief, but, is very disciplined and thorough, and her work exemplifies

this care and understanding of the program, that she can give you. I have never known her, to cut corners, or make mistakes, that were of any 

mention here. She’s a great friend, and knows her stuff, and for anyone, who is in need of a good instructor, she’s the best. Her work is outstanding, as goes without saying, with the subdivisions she’s put together to build, and numerous awards she’s won over the years. Great job Annette! Always, here to support you and your efforts.


Douglas Burgmann

Owner at Accurate Asbuilts & Design

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Christian, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I've known Annette for many years. She is one of the kindest people and was always willing to help anyone. She's done complicated plans and never heard of any complaints. She's very good at what she does. I know she tries to be as accurate as she can be. She is far superior to me on doing basements since we don't have basements here in Houston. I've always known her to do good plans and am aware of awards given to her. I also know she tried to deliver the best plans possible given the information provided.

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Designer Review of Client- (dailytreck)


Hello, Christian,


Out of 100 custom home plans I designed in the past, with along with many builders, homeowner's and architects, that are very happy with my work; and we could have discussed this and as you know I am not hard to work with! 


I am sorry you do not understand the customary practice of designing custom home plans, and in reply to your comments I feel that was not all true!  You know I went way over and beyond to help you with all your changes, revisions and your end cost was way beyond fair!   Your custom home plans have no issues for permitting and hope you enjoy your new home when you built.  I would still like to see a pictures of your custom home when its finished.


As for me with Chief Architect:

I have been with Chief Architect since version X2 up to X14  (13 years) and met many of the developers, the owner of the company, tech support and they are wonderful people to work with. We do occasionally run into bugs, with the software, and they have a great team that fixes them though the year with updates.  Yes, occasionally you occasionally have work arounds and minor issues.


Per my 25 years of construction in the filed and working with Chief for 13 years, I  feel I am way qualified to design plans.

Below is a picture of another home design I did with Chief Architect, along with many others and referrals available. My one of my other  custom homes was used on Chief Architect X9 box cover.  The home is shown above! 


Annette Sokoll

Senior Designer




User Group Instructor

Custom home plans


Renderings & Animation

Beta Tester

Chief Architect X2 up to X14





Classic Designs-Murry.jpg

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