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i know this isn't a new topic but it is one i have had horrible problems since i started using chief. anyone know of an explanation that has ever been given that i can study and get this right before i expire. you help is so appreciated.


will give an example:

i have one file named "reed august 2019 site plan.plan"

i have another which is named "reed august 2019.layout.


can i rename these files to the same thing so they are in sync with each other?


like open the file and call it "reed 2019" while in the plan file.

then do the same in the layout file.


can i bring them together?  it is probably too complex an explanation

to try but i thought i would ask.





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Sure you can do a save as in Chief or just rename the file in File Explorer.  Just be sure you are doing it at a time where it will not matter that you are disconnecting from your archive folder as well as recent file list of startup options in Chief.


Not a great habit to get into but sometimes needs to be done.



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