Odd roof, can I do this in Chief

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I have an odd roof line I would like to show in CA. The attached file shows what I did as a conceptual drawing in Autocad, I used a mesh to draw the roof line.

Basically, its a mono slope roof with a twist (literally). The high point of the monotruss on the front is on the opposite side than on the back.


There is probably a name for this shape but I don't know it. If this can be done within Chief that would be great.


Thanks all for any help.

0216-019 Beaver Harbour Preliminary Floorplan For Roof Autocad Layout1 (1).pdf

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It’s doable but complicated.  I don’t have time to spell it out completely, but you have to use a series of roof planes, and essentially the key things you need to do are these...


-Establish a pivot line (presumably from the one low corner to the opposite low corner)

-Draw an arc or ellipse in an section view representing your desired roofline shape (probably in a view perpendicular to the 2 high points) and convert it to a multi-faceted polyline.  You will use this shape to obtain dimensions and angles for your roof planes.

-Make very deliberate and effective use of the Roof Baseline, Pitch, and Baseline Angle.  Using both the Pitch and the Baseline Angle will

just make it a lot easier to change the pitch one section at a time (about that pivot line in one way or another) with the Baseline Angle being changed one section at a time to represent each facet section of that arc/ellipse)


Hope that helps get you started.

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18 hours ago, myrtsbnye said:

Thanks Michael,


I'll give that a shot.


You bet. For the record though, I’m not sure I fully thought through the exact geometry and there may be some other required steps or other approaches worth considering, like maybe drawing some temporary roof planes to represent your known and easily definable reference lines/points (just outside the mono planes and along the pivot line for example).  You can then use Chief’s handy roof plane snap capabilities to draw all the (probably triangular) roof planes.  

Chief has some pretty great functionality with regard to roof snaps that can be used to set heights and pitches both during initial placement and during edits.  Pay attention to that little Change Pitch/Height pop-up that you see sometimes and take advantage of it.  

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