Round Column Moldings in Vector View


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Is there anything I can do to either reduce or eliminate the lines the column moldings are producing in vector view?  I did convert the curve to a polyline...and divided the circle into very small parts...but it doesn't seem to help.  


Any ideas would by great.  Thanks.


Here's a couple pics...a sample plan is attached also. (Column Molding in Vector View.plan)


2019-09-03_17-25-09.thumb.png.f8e9eb3b37bdaa657ad9facbfa5b8123.png 2019-09-03_17-25-22.thumb.png.9de17072cae7abdce7429f2c919444f9.png


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Don't know if this will work in CA, but in other software that I've used (FormZ, Sketch & Toon module in Cinema 4D), the smoothing angle setting dictates what lines get drawn.  You could try setting the angle to a higher number and see if that helps.  That said, CA is unlike any other software that I've used!

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2 minutes ago, kwhitt said:

the smoothing angle setting dictates what lines get drawn


Smoothing Angle is a setting when converting to a symbol. 


Steve made the column from a molding wrapped around a circle -- easy to do in Chief.

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Eric - I am familiar with the smoothing angle settings which is why I mention converting it to a symbol.  I would upload the file, but it fails for some reason.  Just try it - it really does work.

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1 minute ago, kwhitt said:

What do you know.  It does work.  I changed it to a library symbol and set the smoothing angle to 60.


I knew about the smoothing angle but forgot to make the edit....thanks so much for your help!

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2 minutes ago, solver said:


I just converted to a symbol, no change in the smoothing angle.

That means that the default setting of 20 degrees plus is adequate to create the necessary phong smoothing.  It is still all about the smoothing angle.  Has always been in all the CAD software I've ever used.  Evidently, CA doesn't assign smoothing to program-created geometry unless designated as a symbol.  When you lower the smoothing angle to 1 in the library, it becomes quite heavily segmented.


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