Sharing files with multiple drafters.


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We're a small design firm and are trying to figure out the best way to share drafting tasks.  How do you share roles in your business?  We all work from our own computers and have been transferring drawing information with flash drives.  Sometimes all the information doesn't always get included.  This also seems a bit redundant.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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My partner and I lived far apart 

I met with the clients and started the plan and then would email to my partner when I needed help

with roofs and terrain and other cad details


we used a naming convention of 1234_MAIN_ST_REMOD_190829_1745_LBX9.plan


also MODEL = ASBUILT or ALT01, ALT02, etc


where LB are my initials - his were JK - thus indicating who last worked on the plan


plus date and time and Chief version


the layout naming was similar using LAYPS = permit set and LAYCP = Client Presentation LAYCD = full construction documents


to keep the plan and layout in sync we would do a double "save as" - first with the date and time

then the 2nd without 1234_MAIN.plan and 1234_LAYPS.layout etc


the double "save as" takes seconds to do



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Shared in the cloud, every revision gets its own folder.

CAD folder, within the CAD folder is a shortened date folder

every revision you simply copy paste the dated folder and rename to the new date..add your initials if you like.

Also there are methods for sharing libraries listed in my symbols and content thread(link in my signature)


jobname/CAD/2190829-RR would be the folder for today's date

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Thank you all for your suggestions and comments.  It sounds like we'll need to create a way of naming the files so we are always working on the most current set.  Thank for you including the link about sharing libraries.  :)

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